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3-rail train sets:

Early set box has smaller label.The mid-fifties box has the larger label with the one boy and trains in BR livery, with separate locomotive holders made of formed blue cardboard, blue interior inserts. The 1956 and later boxes have an orange cardboard interior, the first ones having the same locomotive holders as before, the later ones having a diecut "surround" insert for everything.

Set EDP11 box and contents (early box, locomotive inserts are not original)

Set EDP12 (blue interior) box and contents (mid-fifties box)

Set EDP12 (orange interior) box and contents (1956 to 1957 box)

Set EDP13 box and contents (mid-fifties box)

Set EDP15 box and contents (1956 to 1957 box, missing track inserts)

Set P15 box and contents (1958-1959 box, some inserts not original)

Set EDG16 box and contents (1957-1959 box)

Set EDG17 box and contents (mid-fifties box)

Set EDG18 box and contents (mid-fifties box, inserts are not original)

Set EDP20 (The Bristolian) box and contents (1957 to 1958 box)

Set G25 box and contents (1957-1958 box)

2-rail train sets:

All boxes are the yellow and blue earlier type unless otherwise indicated

Set 2001 box and contents (Earlier version of "Ready to Run" train set box)

Set 2006 box and contents

Set 2007 box and contents

Set 2008 box and contents

Set 2009 box and contents

Set 2014 box and contents (The coaches are SuperDetail types in this set)

Set 2015 box and contents (Tinplate D12 coaches in this set)

Set 2016 box and contents (brown, blue and white later box, loco has large dome)

Set 2019 box and contents

Set 2020 box and contents

Set 2021 box and contents

Set 2022 box and contents

Set 2023 box and contents

Set 2024 box and contents (parts of locomotive insert are missing)

Set 2025 box and contents (one loco insert is missing)

Set 2030 box and contents

Set 2033 box and contents (brown, blue and white later box)

Set 2034 box and contents (brown, blue and white later box, plastic insert)

Set 2035 box and contents

Set 2050 box and contents (brown, blue and white later box)

Other items:

Turntable with box, instructions and guarantee

Trackpack 3

Track Cleaning Wagon (cleaning pads are not original, made up from cigarette filters)

TPO mail van set instructions from 1957 (date code 16/157/50, pdf file with all 4 pages)

I found some pictures taken in 1969 of my second layout, in Amman, Jordan, showing the layout with Hornby DUblo 3-rail track supplemented by some Fleischmann track with a 3rd rail added. You can see a lot of Dublo stuff, and one Marklin TEE set, as well as a single 2-8-8-2 Y6B Mallet.

Amman layout (This layout was constructed using the Hornby Dublo 3-rail track available to me in the late sixties, plus some Fleischmann track with a third rail added. The layout was dismantled when I left Jordan in 1973 and everything survived and ended up in Cincinnati. The Marklin turntable has since been sold, as have all the visible Marklin engines and rolling stock).

Barnstaple (with a train of the 4054, 4055 corridor coaches, and some D12 coaches in the background. The buildings are Faller)

D8000 with low-sided wagons (I had to use level crossing rails, of which there were many, as 3-rail sources were simply non-existent in the Middle East at the time)

Station scene (The Marklin EO3 overhead electric and it's TEE coaches, all sold now)

View of suburban coaches behind 2-8-8-2 (This large engine proved to be irresistable to me, with 16 driven wheels capable of pulling couplers almost out of their sockets, now also sold)

Picture of the model train and toy museum in Nashville, Tennessee, taken early 1990s. (Imagine my surprise at discovering a small train and toy museum with the familiar products, within walking distance of the Grand Ole Opry Hotel in Nashville, during a trade show I was attending at the time)

Some pictures taken during a visit by Lew Schneider in March 2001.

Some pictures taken during a visit by Art Parker in March 2001.